About Company


Yugal Precisionís production facilities is situated on prime industrial location in Agra (The city of Taj Mahal), which is just 180 Km from the Indian Capital Delhi.

Decades of experience in the manufacturing of brass Synchronizers Rings and other forged parts for the Automotive Industry, has made Yugal one of the leading player in the both Domestic and Global Market today.

Under our Brand ‘MEGA’ Synchronizers we make rings of improved shift quality, lower costs, short shifting times, minimum axial set and an experience to reckon with.
Yugal has kept pace with the changing technology to allow it to manufacture and work on a large range, shapes and sizes of rings with precision accuracy. With progressive management techniques & adoption of management quality standards in production the company ensures that your most demanding specifications are met & deadlines adhered to.
Yugal Synchronizers meet the demanding requirements of both traditional and modern Manual transmission. These compact high performance systems generate much higher torque levels than conventional synchronizers. The company has shown tremendous growth potential----A result of maintaining international standards & delivering quality rings at low cost.
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